Investments In Human Capital |2014| (Armenian version)

Research on activity of leading foreign University Affiliated Think Tanks and the best localization opportunities in RA |2014| (Armenian version)

Problems of ecological safety in RA |2014| (Armenian version)

Competition and Regulation |2014| (Armenian version)

Financial Markets and Services |2014| (Armenian version)

The Problems of Landlocked Countries' International Competitiveness (The Armenian case) |2014| (Armenian version)

External Labor Migration: Evaluations and Thoughts |2014| (Armenian version)

Unemployment and wage inequality in the Republic of Armenia |2014| (Armenian version)

Economic rise of Azerbaijan. Myth or Reality? |2014| (Armenian version)

Fiscal policy and structural assessment Budzhet RA |2014| (Armenian version)

Urgent Tasks of the Food Security of the RA |2014| (Armenian version)

TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT AND DIGITAL ECONOMY. Assesment and problems of development of technological capability of economy of RA |2014| (Armenian version)

Problems of Development of State Government and Local Self-Government in Armenia |2014| (Armenian version)

Spiritual-moral Problems of the National Security Concept of the Republic of Armenia |2014| (Armenian version)

Spatial Development |2014| (Armenian version)

Economic Development |2014| (Armenian version)

Macroeconomic Analysis, Modeling and Forecasting |2014| (Armenian version)