Evaluation of Applied Research: Workshop on the Development of Lori Region

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The AMBERD Research Center of Armenian State University of Economics (ASUE) organized a workshop under the rubric ‘’ The elaboration of socioeconomic development model for Lori region’’. The workshop was attended by the rector of the university Professor Ruben Hayrapetyan, the Director of AMBERD Research Center Dr. Armen Grigoryan and other stakeholders such as representatives from different Ministries, the State Service for Food Safety, Lori marz governorate and local and regional authorities as well as farmers, businessmen, experts, professors and students of ASUE. The research team was headed by Senior Professor of the Chair of International Economic Relations Dr. Zoya Tadevosyan. She presented the first results of comprehensive and at the same time applied research carried out by the team of 6 professors and 2 MSc students of ASUE.

In her opening speech the Head of the Chair of International Economic Relations Professor Diana Galoyan outlined the main points of the group study. In particular, Professor Galoyan highlighted that the study conducted by the team of researches is preponderantly based on primary data, i.e. interviews taken from majors of cities and big villages of Lori as well as survey conducted among the businessmen of the region.

In his welcoming speech Rector Hayrapetyan noted that nowadays the role of the universities is to be rethought and reassessed with the latter being vested a significant role in country’s economic development. He further noted that ASUE shall become a platform where the stakeholders will have vibrant and productive discussions and propose solutions to the government. Rector Hayrapetyan highly appreciated the research topic stating that is very topical and the university will develop effective mechanisms to ensure the sustainability of such research projects. ‘’ASUE has a robust research potential and is able to contribute to the economic development of Armenia’’ stated Rector Hayrapetyan.

The Director of AMBERD Research Center Dr. Armen Grigoryan put an emphasis on the nature of the study stating the study is not merely anchored upon macroeconomic indicators but rather on primary data gathered in close cooperation with various stakeholders. The Head of the Research group Professor Zoya Tadevosyan presented the preliminary results of the research. She stated that though the region has good potential for development, but is not developing. Among the problems Professor Tadevosyan identified the shortage of the qualified labour and investments, exhaustion or absence agricultural machinery. Professor Tadevosyan concluded that the benevolent conditions in Lori, however financial investments and hardworking is needed to tackle the challenges. In sequel Associate Professor Dr. Tadevos Avetisyan reported on interview results with farmers and businessmen and afterwards Associate Professor Dr. Vahe Bulanikyan reported on business climate and competitiveness of Lori region.

The workshop was full of vibrant discussion with the invited stakeholders aimed at generating new ideas and deliberating over rational solutions of the existing problems.

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