ASUE Announces Part-time Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Admission

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ASUE announces part-time Bachelor’s and Master’s degree admission for the 2020-2021 academic year.

The admission starts on September 10.

The documents submitted by ASUE Admissions Committee reflect the educational programs of the part-time Bachelor’s, part-time Master’s degree, allotted places, duration of the study, tuition fees, admission procedure and other details.

See the announcements of part-time Bachelor’s and Master’s degree.

NOTE, the registration will be conducted online and the active links for Bachelor’s and Master’s degree will be available tomorrow.

The whole information regarding ASUE Admission is available under “ADMISSION” heading of ASUE official website.

Contact ASUE Admission Committee (010)58-94-43 (address: 128 Nalbandyan str., Yerevan) in case of any question.

Good luck!

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