ASUE Celebrated Book Donation Day

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The gift of the day - a book, the hero of the day - Hovhannes Tumanyan. February 19 is the birthday of Hovhannes Tumanyan - “All-Armenian Poet”, and is celebrated as Book Donation Day since 2008.

Every year ASUE Library Directorate brings together ASUE readers, marking the role of books and reading through various events. Today, Samvel Gevorgyan, the author of "Your Own Business in Armenia" book, business consultant, coach was hosted at ASUE Library Reading Hall. Writer, publicist Arthur Hayrapetyan also responded to ASUE's invitation to the event and was present. Diana Galoyan, lecturers, staff and students also attended the meeting.

Welcoming those present, Diana Galoyan congratulated the book lovers, highlighted the day's advice and introduced the guests. Library Director Armine Hovhannisyan also welcomed the attendees, noting that students were greatly interested in the book - "Your Own Business in Armenia".

Samvel Gevorgyan presented the story of the book creation, noting that it’s a sincere communication with people who want to start a business in Armenia, as well as the stories of 200 companies and organizations created in Armenia.

Summing up the warm and festive moods, the participants gifted books to each other, asked interesting questions, as well as the active students were awarded books by the Head of the University Diana Galoyan and guest-speakers.

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