ASUE Hosted Regional Seminar on "Promoting International Mobility of Staff at Universities"

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Today, ASUE hosted a two-day-regional seminar under the theme "Promoting International Mobility of Staff at Universities” (AUA hosted the kick off meeting yesterday), which was attended by representatives of the Universities of the partner countries of the EU "Erasmus +" program, the national "Erasmus +" office: Lana Karlova, Head of National “Erasmus +” Office in Armenia and the staff members, international experts - Romina Kniaz and Francesca Valenti representing the University of Bologna.

The event was organized in the frames of the Technical Assistance Missions (TAM) to the National Team of Erasmus+ Higher Education Reform Experts (HEREs) in Armenia.

Diana Galoyan, ASUE acting Rector, Lusine Danielyan, Director of Foreign Relations Department, Vard Ghukasyan, Head of International Relations Division, collaborators, members of academic staff represented ASUE.

Diana Galoyan and Lana Karlova welcomed the guests. In the context of University internationalization, they emphasized the importance of ensuring international mobility of the staff and called for a joint discussion of the challenges and problems in this process.

Vard Ghukasyan presented our University mobility programs. Then the international experts shared the exemplary experience of the University of Bologna. What to do to make the Universities’ staff more interested in “Erasmus +” by engaging in mobility, presenting their educational, national culture in abroad, getting to know the best practices in abroad and as a result being able to change something at their Universities? Here are the questions the participants were interested in.

Although the international mobility of the staff was the key topic, the mobility of students and postgraduates did not skipped the attention of those present. Recognition of credits, organizational and various issues were discussed.

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