Fulbright Scholar was Hosted at ASUE

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Cecilia de Boeck, a Fulbright American exchange program scholar will spend the coming 9 months at Armenian State University of Economics and will participate in a foreign language co-teaching process. Today, ASUE acting Rector Diana Galoyan hosted her and Hasmik Mikaelyan, US Embassy Cultural / Educational Program Specialist. Lusine Danielyan, Director of ASUE Foreign Relations Department, Vard Ghukasyan, Head of International Relations Division, Lusine Harutyunyan, acting Head of the Chair of Languages, attended the meeting.

Vard Ghukasyan introduced the guests, touched upon ASUE relationship to Fulbright program, noting that ASUE hosted Dr. Peter Tumanoff, Fulbright scholar, Professor at Marquette University (USA), for 5 months for the 2nd half of the 2015-2016 academic year.

Diana Galoyan welcomed the guests highlighting ASUE participation in authoritative American educational program. The University Head also stated that the University of Economics highlights teaching of foreign language and exchange of language skills in the current reform process, then expressed hope that this cooperation would contribute to the achievement of that goal. The acting Rector wondered about the program details, noting that she’s ready to support the best organization of the process.

Hasmik Mikaelyan expressed gratitude for the reception and cooperation, presented details about the program, stressing that it is an exchange program with many stakeholders. She was interested in ASUE international activity. Lusine Danielyan and Vard Ghukasyan submitted detailed information. Hasmik Mikaelyan thanked the University Leadership and the present colleagues for ensuring the implementation of the project.

After the meeting with acting Rector, ASUE Media and Public Relations Division met Cecilia de Boeck and Lusine Harutyunyan, acting Head of the Chair of Languages. The Head of Chair detailed that Cecilia de Boeck will attend several trainings for this week, will get acquainted with ASUE teaching experience and methods, as well as our students. The program will start next week, when the scholar will be involved in the teaching process of foreign languages, aimed at exchanging experience. “I hope that Cecilia's presence will greatly contribute to the development of our students' speaking and writing skills, as well as will help to improve the quality of language teaching”; Lusine Harutyunyan stated. The Head of Chair noted that Cecilia de Boeck will be hosted at ASUE “English Speakers” club once a week to introduce American culture, education aimed at enhancing intercultural communication.

Fulbright scholar told ASUE Media and Public Relations Division that the process will be conducted in an atmosphere of mutual understanding and will help to improve the quality of teaching. “I hope I’ll leave with good impressions and good outcomes. I will contribute to ASUE-US relations establishment”; Cecilia stated.

ASUE Media and Public Relations Division