ASUE is My Second Home: Kima Badalyan

View count: 677 goes on taking interviews dedicated to the 45th anniversary of the University. Today, our interlocutor is Kima Badalyan, Associate Professor at the Chair of Economic Computer Science and Information Systems, PhD in Economics.

- Mrs. Badalyan, describe your ASUE in one word or phrase.

- I am neither the first nor the last to say that ASUE is my second home.

- How many years have you been working at ASUE?

-Since 1965 I have worked at the Faculty of Economics of Yerevan State University, and since 1976 at ASUE (44 years).

- What brings you to the University every day?

- First, I love my job, especially when I work with my students in an atmosphere of mutual respect. I am happy when I meet my colleagues’ warm welcomes and compliments.

- Do you remember when you first come to ASUE, maybe as a student?

- I came to ASUE as an employee in 1976, and I studied at YSU.

The whole interview is available in Armenian version.

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