ASUE Rector Diana Galoyan's Message on the Occasion of the 30th Anniversary of Independence

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Dear students, colleagues, compatriots,

we celebrate the Independence Day of the Republic of Armenia for the 30th time.

The history of our homeland comes from the depths of thousand years, but at the same time, we have only 30 years of independence ․․․

Throughout its centuries-old history, our people have gone through many disasters, fought to the death to stand up. Even today, in this difficult period, we continue to fight.

Dear compatriots, I congratulate you on this beautiful holiday. I want independence to last, so that our future generations can live in a free and independent homeland. Let all the failures be left behind, let the future be a turning point for our long-suffering people. I wish that we never taste the cruel defeat again, that no mother mourns the loss of her son. I am confident that we will be persistent and determined in building our new future.

My only wish is that this holiday be celebrated for centuries, and God bless our nation.


ASUE Rector
Diana Galoyan