ASUE scientist took part in the conference of the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute

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The Head of the ASUE Chair of Environmental Economics, Doctor of Sciences, Professor Suren Gevorgyan participated in a conference organized by the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute in Zvenogorod, Russia, on April 15-21.
As Suren Gevorgyan told the Media and Public Relations division the report had been sent beforehand and the organizing committee chose his report and invited him to the conference. ASUE representative spoke at the conference on "Ecological-economic Mechanisms of Sustainable Development". About 150 scientists and 30 leading Russian Universities participated in the conference. Suren Gevorgyan lectured for young scientists and at the end of the conference he was awarded a certificate for the best economic speech by the chairman of the organizing committee.
Suren Gevorgyan mentioned that participation in such conferences was very important for our university and chair, as it was an opportunity to acquire new partners as well as to outline new programs. Our university has scientists who can represent their professional fields abroad.

ASUE Media and Public Relations Division