ASUE scientists participated in the conference held in Saint Petersburg

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Scientific workers of the scientific and research laboratory “Innovative and Institutional Researches” of ASUE participated online in the 10th international conference “Strategies and toolset of economy management, sustainable development and technological transformation” held on May 18 and presented their reports.

Supervisor of the laboratory, PhD in Economics, Associate Professor Atom Margaryan informed that the conference was organized by the National Research University of Saint Petersburg that is the leading university in Russia and reputable throughout the world.

ASUE scientists Atom Margaryan, Harutyun Terzyan, Arsen Petrosyan, and Emil Grigoryan presented their scientific reports at the conference.

Supervisor of the scientific laboratory “Innovative and Institutional Researches” also informed us that within the frames of the conference, some arrangements were made to implement inter-university research programs on innovation management, technology transfer and assessment of intellectual property as well as to develop a joint master’s degree program.