ASUE Students Participated in Economic Testing

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Professors of the Spanish University (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona) Benedikt Herrmann and Filippos Exadaktylos carries out a research on "Behavioral Economics" within the framework of which Filippos Exadaktylos conducts an economic testing at our University on April 29-30. More than a dozen ASUE members have participated in the testing, which is being implemented by the Z-tree computer program developed by the University of Zurich. The foreign scientist conducts the testing at our University with the support of the ASUE Chair of Managerial Accounting and Audit, today Liana Grigoryan, Head of the Chair, Professor, Kristina Torgomyan, lecturer of the Chair of Languages met and accompanied them.

While being interviewed, Filippos Exadaktylos noted that they have conducted the same testing in 16 countries for "Behavioral Economics" research, aimed at determining how the educational program affects the behavior of people.

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