At The Crossroads Of Economics And Programming. ASUE Graduate Hakob Muradyan - Programmer Of An English Organization

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It isn’t secret that the field of information technology is considered to be the most developing and promising one  today. ASUE, in accordance with the  modern requirements, also prepares personnel for the IT sphere. Students and graduates of the Faculty of Computer Science  and Statistics, due to their education, have the opportunity to work in two current fields: economics and programming.

Under the  heading "I Am an ASUE Member, I Work By  My Profession" today we present Hakob Muradyan, a graduate of "Math Methods and Models in Economics" specialization, Senior SAS (Statistical Analysis System) programmer of "Phastar" organization of England. Here we  present his message: “I am Hakob Muradyan, 26 years old, young economist-programmer, ASUE  graduate, currently I work as a Senior SAS programmer for "Phastar" organization in England. Let me tell you a little about my path or the beginning of my professional path with ASUE. In 2018, I graduated from the Bachelor's degree  in "Management Information Systems", this year, in 2020, I graduated from the Master's degree program of "Mathematical Methods and Models in Economics". Before entering the University, like many, I thought about modern programming, but I did not know what particular profession to choose, and sometimes I thought about accounting…  I had many preferences, I wanted to consider everything as much as possible.

Unfortunately, that was the reason for choosing the specialty "Management Information Systems". Here I would have the opportunity to study "accounting" and "languages of programming".  Read  the  whole message in Armenian version.

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