The fifth issue of Messenger ASUE scientific journal (2022) has been published

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We are presenting the scientific papers in the English issue of Messenger ASUE to our readers.

The paper by Elen Avalyan, Alvard Sargsyan, and Nairuhi Avetisyan ‘The Importance of Permanent Establishment in the Context of Taxation Issues in E-commerce’ and the paper by Nerses Nersisyan "Fertility of Agricultural Risk Insurance in Armenia’ are under the rubric Finance.

The paper by Firuza Mayilyan and Liana Isayan ‘Assessment of the Interaction of Social Capital and Income Inequality’ are under the rubric Society Politics.

The paper by Samvel Avetisyan, Gayane Avagyan, Khoren Mkhitaryan, Aida Mirumyan, and Suren Karapetyan ‘Development Trends and Analysis of Structural Shifts of RA Agricultural Sector’ is under the rubric Agrarian Politics.

Paper by Mikayel Melkumyan, Suren Parsyan, Taguhi Barseghyan, Aruhi Melkumyan, Mariam Titizyan, and Amalya Baharyan ‘Application of Reactive Power Tariffs as a Way of Energy Saving’ and a paper by Yevgenya Bazinyan, Erik Hambardzumyan, Narek Karapetyan, and Narine Petrosyan ‘RA Vegetable Oil Market Competitive Situation Assessment’ are under the rubric Markets and Competition.

The paper by Simon Sngryan ‘The Contradictions of Currency Integration in the EEU’ is under the rubric International Economics.

The paper by Armen Ghazaryan, Garnik Arakelyan ‘Implementation of Machine Learning in the Credit Risk Management System of Individuals’ is under the rubric Mathematical Economics.

The paper by Kristina Torgomyan ‘Language Learning Plateau in the Context of Business English: Emerging Causes and Suggested Solutions by means of Online Tools and Technologies’ is under the rubric Teaching Methodology.

Please read the electronic version of the scientific journal here.