"Corporate Finance" Master's Degree Program Has Been Reformed and Invites Applicants

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Dear applicants,

"Corporate Finance" Master's degree degree program has been completely reformed this year. It was revised within the framework of the REFINE project co-financed by the EU "Erasmus +" program and the main goal is to improve the content of that program, teaching methodology, pedagogical approaches at ASUE. This program is in line with the requirements of the labor market to provide the Armenian economy with high quality graduates.

According to the colleagues of the International Relations Division of our University, ASUE 8 lecturers teaching within the framework of the "Corporate Finance" Master's degree program have participated in two-week trainings in Austria, Slovakia, the Netherlands and France. Collaborating with the best specialists in the relevant field of those Universities has developed their courses.  As a result of joint efforts, modernized curricula have been developed in line with the latest international developments, which will contribute to the development of students' professional skills and meeting the demands of the labor market.

You can read about the knowledge, skills, abilities  and other details provided within the framework of "Corporate Finance" program under the "Applicant" section of ASUE official website (asue.am).

ASUE Media  and Public Relations Division