“Customs”: New Textbook for Students

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“Customs” (overview) textbook authored by Mare Khachatryan, Assistant Professor at the Chair of Finance, PhD in Economics, describing the main process regarding customs, the laws on their settlement in the EAEU territory, as well as customs issues, has been published in “Tntesaget” Publishing House.

When being interviewed Mare Khachatryan told ASUE Media and Public Relations Division that the book is addressed to both students and those interested in customs. The author emphasized that there are few books on customs in the mother language and expressed hope that this book would play its own role among the professional literature and would be useful to students.

The textbook is available at ASUE Library, as well as the e-version at ASUE online library.

This is the first book authored by Mare Khachatryan. Congratulations.

ASUE Media and Public Relations Division