Learning mood. briefing with first-year students (photos)

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Two weeks passed and freshmen are inspired by their mission of learning and specialization. ASUE Media and Public Relations Division toured the departments, talked to first-year students and photographed them. They pointed out that they have integrated into a university life.
Karen Margaryan, first year student of Finance Department, who is from Paravakar, Tavush marz, told that he has chosen the most prestigious economic university in Armenia and will not spare efforts to become a competitive financier.
Inna Simonyan, first year student of Theory of Economics specialization, who was admitted with excellent scores, frankly confessed that before the start of university classes she thought it would be easy to study for free, but now, seeing competition and motivation to learn, more than ever realized that it would be hard.
Generally the students are satisfied with the teaching staff. First-year students are on their way to become economists. Good luck.

ASUE Media and Public Relations Division