I Had So Many Achievements At ASUE: Graduate Taguhi Avagyan

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Dear readers of asue.am,

we summarize the heading "I Am an ASUE Member, I Work By My Profession", which was reassurance from ASUE graduates,  to ASUE applicants, to love the chosen profession, to become its bearer, to work by the profession. Taguhi Avagyan, a graduate of the Faculty of Accounting and  Audit, a full member of the Kreston International network of independent accounting firms, is  our  hero.

"Hello, ASUE members, I am Taguhi,  graduate of  the Faculty of Accounting and Auditing. For me it is a fairy-tale world, from where I have gathered the keys of my success  and with those keys I open the doors of multifaceted and different fields…  I chose the University very easily, because I was sure that the most specialized University in the field of economics is ASUE…

Read the whole message in Armenian version.

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