The meeting at ASUE’s “Amberd” research center took place within the framework of “Widening opportunities for research collaborations” project

23.10.2023 Amberd
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On October 10-11, within the framework of the “Widening opportunities for research collaborations” project implemented at the Armenian State University of Economics ASUE project staff meeting was held at “Amberd” research center to summarize the results of the workshop held at Linköping University (Sweden), as well as to discuss the developed incentive policy.

The aim of the project is to increase skills and knowledge of the university decision-makers, research unit managers regarding management of research internationalization process and activities under the supervision of the Linkoping University (Sweden), as well as to develop well-structured legislative framework and its operationalization guidelines for managing research internationalization based on the Swedish experience.

The partners of the project are Linkoping University (project coordinator, Sweden), Armenian State University of Economics, National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia (NUACA) and Comrat State University (Moldova).