A new example of lecturers mobility from "Erasmus +"

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Maria Sahakyan, the Associate Professor at the Chair of Labor Economics of ASUE was in Slovakia and lectured at the High School of Economics and Public Administration in Bratislava from April 7-15 within the framework of EU Erasmus + lecturers mobility program.
Maria Sahakyan noted that visit was full of interesting meetings. She had a meeting with Stanislav Flip, the vice-rector of High School of Economics and Public Administration in Bratislava, Katarina Stakhova, the associate professor at the chair of Management and other lecturers and members of administrative staff. Maria Sahakyan had a lecture on “Privileges of the award system in Armenia” and "Human Resource Education and Development" for the 2nd year students of Bachelor's Degree of Management Department (it should be noted that bachelor's degree in many Slovak universities is three year). Then she met with foreign students studying in Slovakia within the frames of "Erasmus +" program and had a lecture on "Management decision making". She also had a Bratislava sightseeing with Marian Kovach. Within the framework of the program, arrangements have also been reached to discuss the prospects and opportunities for joint master's programs and joint scientific researches, conferences.

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