On the final forum of "Ararat" program: final as the beginning of further actions

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The final forum of the national "Ararat" program of Tempus ("UNIVERSITY - EMPLOYER" ARMENIAN COORDINATION AGENCY) today revealed the results and the achievements establishing of which in Armenia will ensure the compliance of higher education needs to the labor market demand and will contribute to the continuity of established cooperation. Rector Koryun Atoyan, the head of Quality Assurance Division Nerses Gevorgyan, employees of the division, the head of the National Center for Professional Education Quality Assurance Foundation Ruben Topchyan, the Coordinator of Erasmus+Programme's National Office Lana Karlova, and program partners were present at the meeting.

In his opening remarks, welcoming the guests and participants, ASUE Rector Koryun Atoyan told about those days of 2012, when the university had won 3 "Tempus" program, the number of which had increased subsequently.

"Among Armenian Universities Economic University became the coordinator of the European Union program for the first time. This is a very honorable and at the same time very responsible. Today, when we are completing the work, I wish to express gratitude to the partners of Europe and Armenia, to the responsible persons of "Erasmus +" program for the participation in "Ararat" Program”.  

Speaking about the main achievements of the program, the Rector noted that the final was the beginning of the future actions, because improving the quality of education was a continuous process. Find the full text of Rector`s speech here.  

In their statements, rectors and vice rectors of partner-universities, expressed gratitude to the Economic University for effective work and creativity.

The head of the National Center for Professional Education Quality Assurance Foundation Ruben Topchyan reminded the audience that during the launch period, Armenia had not yet been the coordinator of Tempus program, and thanks to the capacity of the Armenian State University of Economics "Europe took up the challenge." He confirmed that the achievement of "Ararat" was considerable, and the final forum was a new beginning for new ideas and promising programs.

Lana Karlova admitted that cooperation of 21 members, including eight Armenian universities showed visible results and would contribute to the development of the system.

As a result, a Memorandum between the National Center for Professional Education Quality Assurance Foundation and Armenian universities- members of "Ararat" program was signed. 

Afterwards, the forum continued in some directions: "Building capacities", "Creation of the Armenian national network University-labor market", "Database and development tools," "Running sectoral qualification frameworks", "Quality assurance and monitoring." The representatives of the partner universities of Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Poland, and Latvia made speeches.

            ASUE Media and Public Relations Division.