Only ASUE Research Center "Amberd" in the report of the Russian authoritative institute

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 One of the Armenian research centers - Research Center of Armenian State University of Economics "Amberd" won the attention of an authoritative Russian Institute of Strategic Studies. Russian Institute of Strategic Studies (RISS) is a major research and analytical center. The center deals with issues of national security, and studies of Russia's relations with other countries, analysis and forecasts trends in the political and socio-economic processes at the global and regional levels, explores the ways to preserve strategic stability in the new geopolitical conditions and assesses the strategic risks, etc. Details:

The above-mentioned institute presented the "think tanks" of Caucasus, in the first issue of 2016 "Problems of National Strategy".  As the only University Republic of Armenia, among which as the only university think tank, tells about the research center "think tank" in RA the journal mentions the ASUE “Amberd” center, noting that "Amberd" has a strong desire to participate in grant projects. "Amberd" aims to develop the university research activities, to bring together researchers of the University, study and localize the global experience. Find the review here:

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