Future Accountants - Winners of Talent Competition (photos)

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Today “Student Autumn – 2017” sport-cultural festival was  over with a beautiful  gala  concert,  during which song and dance competitions  were held, at the  end the  name  of  the  best Department was announced as a result of  all  competitions and  contests  held  during the  festival. The  winner  was the  Department of  Accounting  and Auditing.

ASUE  lecturers were  the  guests  of the  gala concert, they encouraged participants of the competition. Representatives of the  Chair  of Physical Training, Emergency Situations and Civil Defense – Hovhannes  Gabrielyan, the  acting Chair, Alisa Zareyan, senior Assistant, Hakob Kyokchyan, Associate Professor, Arman Gulyan, lecturer  and Mesrop Ghukasyan, training master, were  awarded letters of appreciation for  sporting  the  sports competitions  of “Student Autumn 2017” festival.

The  gala  concert was full of colorful characters and splendid shows. Armenian and foreign hits were sounded, dance performances were shown.

 Here  are  the  results  of the  competitions:

Song competition

1.Department of Marketing  and Business Organization

2.Department of Accounting  and Auditing,

3.Department of Management.

Dance competition

1.Financial and Economic College,

2.Department of Finance,

Department of Management.

KVN performances

The  winner – Department ofRegulation of Economy and International Economic Rеlations.

“The  Best Humor”  nomination - Financial and Economic College.

“The  Best Musical Performance” nomination - Department of Computer Science and Statistics.

Warm-up (Razminka) contest – Department of Marketing and Business Organization.

Department of  Accounting  and Auditing became  the  winner and  won  the victory cup.

We congratulate the  students, who have been participating in the most sporting and cultural event for a month.

P.S. ASUE SC is the  organizer  of  the festival.



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