Current Issues of Profession were Discussed at SSS Department Session

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Today, SSS session was  held  at  the  Department of Accounting  and  Auditing, which was  attended by the  undergraduate  students  of full-time Bachelor’s degree students  and Master’s.

13 reports on current issues  of financial accounting, managerial accounting  and auditing were  presented. Anush Gasparyan, Assistant Professor of the  Chair  of Financial Accounting, PhD in Economics, and Narine Mirzoyan, Assistant Professor  of  the Chair  of Managerial Accounting, PhD in Economics, coordinated  the session.  Lecturers  of the  above  mentioned  Chairs supported  students in selecting and  studying the  topics.

The  scientific event was  attended  by Mary  Badalyan, acting Dean of the Department of Accounting  and  Auditing, Sona Ghazaryan, Vice  Dean, Liana  Grigoryan, the  Chair  of Mangerial Accounting  and  Auditing, Doctor  of Sciences, Associate  Professor, lecturers. Liana  Grigoryan stated  that the  best  students participated in the  session, who  have  carried  out valuable scientific research, presented practical recommendations.

"We have united the scientific potential of the Department and selected students who will take part in the University  stage  of the SSS. Young researchers have referred to the proposed changes of the Law of  Taxes the Republic of Armenia in 2018, they were well aware of the current issues related to their professional field. Let's record that students are able to carry out their own research, use reliable sources and develop recommendations for the raised issues"; stated the Chair.


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