Interactive lesson on "Cooperatives: Rochdale Principles" in the club for English speakers

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A regular meeting of the Club for English speakers took place today. The special guest of the meeting was Dr. Pamela Karg (Agrobisiness Center of  Armenian Agrarian University), who deliver a lecture on "Cooperatives: Rochdale Principles". The meeting was organized by Susanna Chalabyan –head of the ASUE Languages chair. Professor of the mentioned chair Lucy Ter-Sargsyan presented the speaker.

Pamela Karg started her lecture interactively including the audience into the discussion.

Students asked questions to the speaker, answered questions themselves, and at the end expressed gratitude for the meeting and beautiful gifts.

After the meeting, Susanna Chalabyan informed that the next meeting with Pamela Karg would be held on March 23. Further details will be given later.

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