"How to start a Startup in Armenia”: lecture for our students.

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Thanks to the initiative of the ASUE SC our students had the opportunity to participate in a lecture entitled "How to start a Startup in Armenia”, which was conducted by Operating manager of «GG Taxi» Vahram Mirakyan.

The speaker referred to the establishment of a business, driving characteristics, transmitting practical knowledge. V. Mirakyan divided business people into two groups: man-creators and men-sellers. He presented the skills needed to become an entrepreneur, stressing the importance of quick initiation (step 1, "Start now"). V. Mirakyan pointed to business resources- marketing and sales, revealed the effective implementation of such measures. An interesting discussion was held, students were involved in the lecture. V. Mirakyan prepared a surprise for the students. Those who answered right to the speakers questions got discount coupons for «GG Taxi» services. This encouraging step was met with a great enthusiasm.

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