"Sign Language": event at ASUE

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An event entitled "Sign Language" (deaf people's language) took place at ASUE Department of Marketing today. Fourth year student Anna Alaverdyan conducted the event and presented the language of signs. The dean and deputy deans of the Department were present at the meeting.

“Let’s live in signs” this is how the author entitled the lecture.

The speaker helped the participants to depict sign letters, to sign the most popular words, such as eating, love, family, mother, father, thanks, surprise, understand and more. It is noteworthy that each letter is to express with a certain position of fingers.

The meeting passed in an interactive atmosphere, followed by questions and answers.

At the end of the meeting, Anna Alaverdyan told ASUE Media and Public Relations Division that she was surprised that many students were interested in the event, and confessed that she did not expect such a large audience.

ASUE Media and Public Relations Division.