IMF resident representative in Armenia Teresa Daban Sanchez delivered a lecture at ASUE

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Today ASUE hosted Teresa Daban Sanchez, IMF resident representative in Armenia, who delivered a lecture on “Policy Challenges for Armenia in the Context of Regional and Global Economic Shocks”. ASUE Rector, Professor Koryun Atoyan, Vice-Rector for Scientific Affairs and External Relations Gagik Vardanyan, faculty members and students attended the lecture. The event was organized by ASUE Foreign Relations Division.

In his welcoming speech Koryun Atoyan, noted that an important tradition of cooperation had been formed between ASUE and International Monetary Fund. The participants were also welcomed by Gagik Vardanyan.

Starting the lecture, Teresa Daban Sanchez spoke about economic shocks, presented their types, and then explained the impact of shocks on the global economy. As a major economic shock, the drop in oil prices was stressed. The speaker touched upon the major economies, which have a big impact on our economy. In particular, she talked about Russia and China. Teresa Daban Sanchez presented some variables of world economy, the analysis of which allowed making some forecasts for a number of countries, including Armenia.

Koryun Atoyan concluded the meeting, thanking Teresa Daban Sanchez for valuable and interesting lecture on behalf of everyone. "I think most of the students were very interested and they have more questions, so we shall ask Ms. Sanchez to organize another discussion, if possible", said the Rector.

Lecture slides are available here: .

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