Deputy Minister Emil Tarasyan Held a Lecture on IT Development in Armenia

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Today, Firuza  Mayilyan, the Chair of Theory of Economics, invited Emil Tarasyan, Deputy Minister of the  RA Ministry  of Economic Development and Investments,  to  hold  a lecture on “IT Development in Armenia”. The  meeting  was  attended  by Gagik Vardanyan, Vice Rector  of Science  and  International Relations, Deans, the Chairs, members of Faculty, PhDs, students.

In the  welcoming speech Firuza Mayilyan stated  that IT development is one  of  the priorities of the RA Government and development issues are up-to-date, which was  taken into account to initiate this meeting. 

Emil Tarasyan presented statistical data on key indicators of ICT sphere in 2016, then touched upon tax incentives for IT entrepreneurs, developments reported as a result of this, IT companies' statistical reports for investments, financial infrastructures promoting the development of the sector in 2016, successful startups.

The second part of the lecture referred to the activities undertaken by the State for the development of the IT sector and prospective programs.

Gagik Vardanyan, summing up, the  meeting stated, that the Ministry of Economic Development and Investments is able to look for new ways of continuous development and to support the  implementation of ideas.

He expressed hope that the cooperation between the Ministry and ASUE will be continuous. Vice Rector thanked organizer Firuza Mayilyan for an informational meeting.




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