ASUE Library as an integral of big family

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October 7 is the Librarians' Day in our country. Literature and books are a unique symbol of our nation. ASUE library staff celebrates its professional holiday every year.

ASUE Rector Koryun Atoyan and Vice-Rector for Scientific Affairs and External Relations Gagik Vardanyan visited the library to congratulate ASUE librarians' with the professional holiday.

"I congratulate you on your holiday and I wish you new achievements in personal life and business, which will serve to our university, our children and our country. Thank you for your work, you should continue to develop our library system", said Koryun Atoyan.

In his speech Vice-Rector Gagik Vardanyan said that the librarian's work had its own characteristics and wished each member of the staff to be happy.

Koryun Atoyan and Gagik Vardanyan visited stack of the library and other departments, learned and discussed the next steps aimed at improving the library.

Library staff headed by ASUE Library Director Armine Hovannisyan started their day with a great mood and one more time appreciated the work that they are doing tirelessly, which is aimed at the education of human beings and its spiritual enrichment.

During the conversation with ASUE Media and Public Relations Division Armine Hovhannisyan drew our attention to the new window, where old and rare editions of economics literature are held. She also noted that ASUE library tried to keep strong and inseparable links between past and present, suggesting not only new books and electronic library, but also classical authors and unique publications.


Congratulations dear librarians.

ASUE Media and Public Relations Division.