Information for first-year students!

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ASEU Library Management informs that first-year students can use the library only after the official registration (as a rule the official registration is made after the tuition fee is paid within the specified terms). The rules of use of digital library can be found in the section Digital Library of our website. It should be added that the students of the Department of Computer Science and Statistics, located in the administrative district of Kanaker-Zeytun, can use the library situated in their building, which is being updated in parallel with the general library. However, students of the mentioned department may also use the library situated in 128 Nalbandyan Street.

In order to avoid queues of the freshmen, the library will be on the following schedule:

            Monday – Department of Management,

Tuesday - Department of Finance, Department of Accounting and Auditing

Wednesday - Department of Regulation of Economy and International Economic Relations

Thursday - Department of Marketing and Business Management,

Friday - Department of Computer Science and Statistics.

Master students and part-time students are serviced daily.

Electronic library can be visited by the following address:

ASUE Media and Public Relations Division.