With a dedication without reserve: Martin Fahradyan turns 70

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Today is the 70th anniversary of Professor of ASUE Statistics Chair Martin Fahradyan. The chair had sent words of heart to favorite colleague admiring the prosperous path passed by him.

Anniversary is a wonderful occasion to return to the difficult and successful way of professor performing his job for decades with duty, responsibility, and infinite love of a scientist.

Martin V. Fahradyan was born in 1945 in Tahiabat village in Iran. In 1946, the family moves to Soviet Armenia and settles in the village of Norashen in Artashat region. In 1962, after finishing school, Fahradyan enters the Faculty of Economics of YSU.

In 1964-1967, he served in Soviet Army. In 1969-1971, he worked in the Department of Accounting of YSU as a senior assistant.   

Since 1975, he worked in the Institute of National Economy as a lecturer, and since 1978 as an associate professor. From 2011 until now, he has been working as a professor of ASUE Statistics chair.  

In the years of research and teaching, the range of studies of the professor becomes more inclusive. Fahradyan is author of 68 scientific papers. His contribution to the creation, development and progress of our University is undeniable. While appreciating his work, at the suggestion of the University management Fahradyan was rewarded with a medal and numerous diplomas of RA National Assembly.

We must admit that 70-year-old distinguished professor Martin Fahradyan continues to work with unrelenting vigor until now and adds new and beautiful pages in his life record.

ASUE Statistics chair congratulates his favorite professor and wishes him long life, good health, productive activity, hoping to work side-by-side with Martin Fahradyan as long as possible.

P.S. Thank you dear professor for being by our side.

ASUE Statistics chair staff.