"1 500 000 + 1". An event dedicated to the life and work of Hrant Dink on the initiative of the Student Council

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Today an event named "1500000 + 1" dedicated to the life and work of the chief editor of magazine "Agos", publishing in Turkish and Armenian Hrant Dink, took place in the ASEU auditorium of students-fighters for freedom. Dink was a prominent intellectual and this event was a regular one, among the events initiated by the student council dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.   

A student of Marketing and business department Arpine Meliqsetyan and a student of Financial department Tamara Dzhiridyan came up with reports during the event. The students talked about Hrant Dink’s life (1954-2007), social
activities and ideas. The event ended with reports of Management department 2nd year students Zaven Hukeyan and Grigor Voskerchyan - the chair and the deputy chair of the military-patriotic club "Njdeh", correspondently.

"Our mission is to accept, appreciate, and why not preach the activities of people like Hrant Dink. Thanks to him thousands of people have recognized the Armenian Genocide in Turkey, "- said Grigor Voskerchyan.

 Zaven Hukeyan noted that the organization of such events would be continuous and hoped to see the active participation of students.

 Note that today's event was attended by numerous students of different departments.

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