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The representatives of  our  University conducted  this  year’s  last  charity  visit  (to Ejmiatsin  and  Proshyan) within the  framework  of  cooperation project  between Armenian State  University  and high, secondary  schools  and  colleges.

This charity visit was  also addressed to  socially vulnerable pupils  studying  in secondary  schools  of  the  mentioned  communities.

The  coordinator  of the  cooperation between  schools, colleges  Lusine  Karagulyan  told  ASUE  Media  and Public  Relations  Division  that the  school  Directors  have submitted information  on the  socially  vulnerable pupils’  addresses   and  the  University  representatives  provided  them with food,  dresses  and  toys.

ASUE  representatives:  a  group of  students headed by  lecturer  at  the  Chair  of  Languages Lusine  Karagulyan, lecturer  at  the  Chair of Macroeconomics Gayane Avagyan   tried to give poor  families  happy moments.

“It is  important to  help,  to support  and  to focus  attention on  the   pupils  living in  socially  vulnerable families.  I  would  like  to  mention that our  charity  visits  are example for our students to teach them to be compassionate, to support vulnerable families. We  want  to  thank our  University  Administration:  Koryun Atoyan,  Vice-rector  on Administrative  Affairs  Mikhail  Karapetyan”; mentioned  Lusine  Karagulyan.

By the  way, ASUE  members  visited  schools  of  the  mentioned  communities,  devoted  textbooks, the  University  official  magazine “Tntesaget”, information catalogues and etc.

Note, that  mutual  visits  are  being  held within the  framework  of  cooperation project  with high, secondary  schools  and  colleges,  the  pupils  are  hosted  at  ASUE, they  get  acquainted  with the  University,  academic  courses,  students  life.

Lusine  Karagulyan mentioned  that  mutual,  charity  visits  will be  continued in  coming year.

ASUE  Media  and Public  Relations  Division 

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