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Today, a  cooperation  memorandum was  signed  between  our  University  and  “NASDAQ OMX Armenia” Stock Exchange OJSC   at  Armenian State  University  of  Economics.

The  memorandum was  signed  by  the Heads  of  both parties:  ASUE  Rector, Professor  Koryun Atoyan  and  the Chief Executive Officer of NASDAQ OMX Armenia OJSC  Konstantin Saroyan.

Vice-rector  of  Methodological  Matters Paruyr  Kalantaryan, representatives  of  Faculty, especially Department of  Finance, students  attended  the  event. The purpose  of  this  memorandum is  to improve education programs in the  field  of  security  market  specialization.

Koryuin Atoyan  made  an opening  remark  and  mentioned  that he’s  glad  to  host partners  of NASDAQ OMX Armenia” Stock Exchange OJSC  headed  by the Chief Executive Officer Konstantin Saroyan, then  presented  the purpose  of  the meeting.  

“Our University’s primary mission is to provide quality education,  and we have repeatedly mentioned  that without the cooperation with employers, University simply can not provide a quality education. It is an undeniable fact. It’s  already  several  years that we  cooperate with employers of  the  state  and  private  sectors  in Armenia,  which  aims  to prepare qualified  personal for  the  labor  market”; mentioned the  Rector,  emphasizing  that  in this  case  the  cooperation referred  to specialists  (students) of security  sector.

Koryun Atoyan highlighted the  academic  process:  from list of academic  courses  to selection  of topics  of  final thesis, organization of  partner  side.

“All academic courses  should be agreed  with the  employer in case  of  any  cooperation.  Today  the  best  personal isn’t  left  without  work. I  think  this  cooperation  will  contribute  to prepare  more  qualified personal  and they  will  be  employed”, stressed  the  Rector.

The Chief Executive Officer of NASDAQ OMX Armenia OJSC  Konstantin Saroyan  also  made   an opening  remark; “I  can  say  that  this formal signing up, in fact, is  the summary  of  the  cooperation  which  already exists.  I am a  President  of examination committee  in  ASUE,  we  have employed a  number of  alumni  and  we constantly try to expand cooperation”.  The Chief Executive Officer  mentioned that goal of  deepening  and expanding  the  cooperation, emphasizing that ASUE  is the only University which  prepares  security market professionals.

After  the  signing up  Koryun Atoyan  stressed  that the  cooperation of  both parties gained legal force, which  should  be  followed  by diligent work, particularly by the Department of Finance.

Acting  Head of  the  Chair  of  Finance, Professor Ashot  Salnazaryan  and Director  of Central Depository of Armenia” Open Joint Stock Company (CDA) Vahan Stepanyan highlighted  the  signing of  the  memorandum  and mutual cooperation.

The 3rd  year  student  of  Security  Market Analysis  and  Management, Department of Finance,  Nune Mkrtchyan mentioned that the  cooperation  enables  to  enrich their professional knowledge and to find a job easily.



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