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The 1st  year  students  of  Economic analysis  specialty, Department of  Accounting  and  Auditing, visited “Coca-Cola”  company guided  by course  director Diana  Minasyan. 

The  Dean of  the  mentioned  Department Ashot Matevosyan  informed  ASUE  Media  and Public  Relations  Division about  this  and  mentioned  that the  visit was   suggested by students.

“The  1st  year  students  suggested  to  organize professional  visit,  we  supported  them. It is  interesting  that  such  visits  are organized  since  the 1st  year, cause the  students  have  an opportunity  to  assimilate  theoretical knowledge  in  practice”;  mentioned  the  Dean.

Candidate  in Economics, Assistant Professor, Chair  of Managerial Accounting and Auditing Diana Minasyan  said  that the visit  was  quite impressive for students.  They  took a  tour  around  the company’s industrial sector,  got  acquainted  with the  working  process and  visited  accounting  sector  during  4-hour-practical lesson.

“The  students  get  acquainted  with “FIFO”  accounting  method,  its  practical  usage.  They were  interested  in internship  suggested  by  the  company,  which,  by the  way,  was perspective one: the  best  students will be  employed”; outlined the  course  director.

Ashot Matevosyan highlighted such kinds of  professional  visits,  mentioned  that many  students  would  participated in practical  lessons  in different organizations.

P.S. The photos  are  submitted  by students.

ASUE  Media  and Public  Relations  Division 

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