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The 2nd  year  students  of Economics and Management  of Enterprises visited “Ararat” Brandy   and Champagne-Wine Factories.

The  course  director  Gayane Grigoryan  submitted  information to  ASUE  Media and Public  Relations  Division  and  mentioned that the  visit  was  conducted  within the  framework  of  “Economics  of  Industry”  course:  the  initiative  was  Gayane  Grigoryan’s  and the  Assistant   of the  Chair  Anahit Antonyan’s.

During the visit  the  students  got  acquainted with  the  process  of  producing brandy,  as  well  champagne.

They  were  witness  how the ready  product is  being bottled,  labeled, they  also  tasted  drinks  passed various stages of  filtration, visited aging sections, got  acquainted with aging  methods  and  periods.

The  students  thanked the  organizers and  the  whole  staff  of  the  factory  for  the  visit, assuring  that they  were very  impressed,  and  as a result  they  gained new  practical  skills,  which they  will  use in professional sector.

The  visitors inform that such  visits  are  highlighted by  both  the  students  and the  Chair  of  Microeconomics and Organization of Entrepreneurial Activities.


ASUE  Media  and Public  Relations  Division 

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