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Today, the  Head of  the  Chair  of  Marketing  and  Business  Communication, Southern Federal University, Russia,  Honored Scientist  of  the  FR,  Doctor  in Economics, Professor,  full  member  of  Russian Academy  of  Humanities, Natalia  Ketova,  was  hosted  at  ASUE.

Vice-rector  of  Science  and  International  Relations,  Doctor  in Economics, Professor, Gagik  Vardanyan,  introduced  the  scientist,  who  was  hosted  at  our  University with  her  husband, Academician, Viktor Ovchinnikov, noting  that  their  were  old friends of our University.

The  Vice-rector  mentions that the  lecture  is  on  problems  of  the  modern marketing, then adds  that  the  marketing  is  the  only  modern  science, the study  of  which doesn’t  end  with the  boundaries  of  educational institute,  but  continues throughout life.

Gagik Vardanyan  told  the  guest that  there  was  a great  interest  towards  the  lecture,  which  was  attended  by  the  Head of the  Chair  of  Marketing,  Doctor  in Economics, Professor, Ararat  Zakaryan,  students, MA  students,  PhDs.

NataliaKetova   referred to  marketing  as  a research  direction  and  practice.   She  stopped  on  formation and  development  stages of  marketing:  from  American marketing  to  the North European  trends  and  concepts,   technologies  of  the usage, referred  to scientific activities  and  principles  of   representatives of  the  Russian school, then presented  main trends  for  marketing  development, accompanying positive  and  negative phenomena. 

The  speaker  mentioned that MA  Marketing  program  had  been  established  in the Southern Federal University  this year, it’s  planned  to  establish  MA  Marketing  communication program  next  year  and  invited  the  MA  students  and  PhDs to  cooperate  and  exchange  experience.

PhDs  of  the  Chair  of  Marketing  Gagik  Simonyan  and   Garik Kurghinyan asked  the  speaker  questions, consulted around  new marketing problems  and  concepts.

Summarizing   the  lecture  Gagik  Vardanyan  compared  the  marketing  with  nuclear energy, which can be directed  both positive and negative way,  both make  weapons, and give a  light and warmth to  people, expressing hope  that this  science  would  be  more  creative  on its  way of  development.

At the  end  of  the  meeting  the  Vice-rector  awarded  a  certificate  to  Natalia  Ketova  for   conducting  an interesting lecture.



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