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“AMBERD”  Research Center, Armenian State  University  of  Economics,  and “Noravank”  foundation  are  partners.

Today, ASUE  Rector, Professor, Presidents  of  “AMBERD”  Research Center  Board, Koryun Atoyan,  and  Executive  Director  of  “Noravank”  Foundation, Gagik Harutyunyan, signed  a cooperation agreement,  highlighting consolidation of the intellectual potential,  strengthening cooperation  between research centers, implementation  of  research, development of  strategic  projects  and concepts, development of professional personnel of  analytical  sector, awareness of  the  society  and  especially the  youth  regarding the situation and  processes taken place  in Armenia  and  the Region.

The signing ceremony was attended by  Vice-rector  of  Science  and  International Relations, Scientific  Director  of  the  Center,  Gagik  Vardenyan,   the  staff  of  “AMBERD”  Research  Center  headed  by  the  Director  Samvel  Avetisyan.

The  cooperation  agreement  provides implementation of  joint  research  and  studies, organization of  joint conferences, seminars and round tables, development of  joint  academic  programs,  exchange  programs  of  specialists, as well  as  materials  for  publication  and  research,  implementation  of  joint  publications, development  and  implementation of  other  projects  of mutual interest.

ASUE  Rector  Koryun Atoyan presented  research  conducted  in “AMBERD”  Research  Center,  research programs  and  directions  and  mentioned  that  the  RA  Government  was  interested  in  the  Center’s  activities.  

“It’s  gratifying that  we  are  starting  the  cooperation  with  You,  this  means  that  we  are  expanding our scope of cooperation.  I  hope that  we’ll  be  able  to  carry  out  interesting and  important  research  with “Noravank”  foundation”;  mentioned  ASUE  Rector.

Director  of  “Noravank”  foundation, Gagik Harutyunyan,  expressed hope  that the  cooperation with  “AMBERD”  Research  Center  would  enrich  the  parties,  coordinate potential and efforts.

As for the significance of applied research, Gagik Harutyunyan  assured  that  the initiatives  they  are  going  to  present should  be clearly identified  by  the  Government demands.

Koryun Atoyan and  Gagik  Harutyunyan also  discussed issues  regarding  formation of working groups, and  plan for  future activities.

Vice-rector  of  Science  and  International Relations, Gagik  Vardanyan, mentioned  that this  cooperation  would  combine the strength and potential of the two structures.

Note, that “Noravank”  foundation is  presented  in  ASUE  official  website in  partner  of  “AMBERD”  section:գործընկերներ-1992.

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