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Armenian State  University  of  Economics has  a  new partner:  Republican Union of Employers of  Armenia (RUEA). Today, ASUE  Rector Koryun  Atoyan  and  RUEA  Chairman  Gagik  Makaryan  signed a cooperation agreement,  which  aimed  to  set  institutional  relations  between   the  University  and  RUEA  member  organizations, cooperation towards the study of demands  of  labor  market   and  improvement of educational standards and curricula:   using  technical tasks of the Tempus programs, conducting joint  roundtables,  trainings, seminars  on  socio-economic various  topics  attended  by  lecturers,  students, as  well  as  RUEA  member   employers, publication of  scientific  articles,  implementation  of  innovation  projects.

RUEA  will   support  ASUE  students  to  pass  the academic and industrial internship in the  Union  and  its  member  organizations, the alumni  employment.  ASUE  has  also  planned a series of steps, such  as  conducting  workshops  in the  Union by  ASUE  lecturers, providing  participation of  ASUE students  in the  study of  labor  market  by  the  Union. The cooperation  isn’t completed  by the  mentioned  points,  the agreement  provides  another directions  for  interaction.

RUEA  Chairman  Gagik  Makaryan   told  ASUE  Rector  Koryun Atoyan,  that  they  were  interested  in cooperation with  “AMBERD”  Research  Center, as well as British  School  of  Business in  future.

After  signing  the  agreement  RUEA  Chairman  Gagik  Makaryan  visited “AMBERD” Research  Center, where  the  Director  of  “National   Security  Research” program,  Vardan Atoyan,  presented the  Center’s activities  and  donated Gagik  Makaryan the series of “AMBERD”  monographs, as well as  his  authored book “National  Security  Issues” (lectures). They  also  spoke  about future cooperation opportunities.

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