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Today  Grigor  Terteryan, Associate  Professor, President  of  the  University  Trade  Union,  distinguished scholar-teacher,  celebrates  his 70  years  old.

ASUE  Rector, Professor,  Koryun Atoyan,   on behalf of  the  University  Faculty, students  congratulated  Grigor  Terteryan  and  awarded a congratulatory message during  the  Rectorate  Board’s  session.

The  Rector  mentioned  that  Grigor  Terteryan  stood on  the  origin  of  the  University   foundation,  he’s  famous  as a  beloved  lecturer,  kind  person and  a friend.

After  Rector’s warm wishes the participants had also speeches: Grogor  Kirakosyan, Adviser to Rector,   Paruir  Kalantaryan, Vice-rector  of  Methodological  Matters, they  outlined  Grigor  Terteryan’s high organizational skills,  and  Gagik Vardanyan,  Vice-rector  of  Science  and  International  Relations,  remembered  him  as  his lecturer,  as a  person standing  close  to   the foundation and  development  of  the University.

 Grigor  Terteryan  also  thanked  the  Rectorate  Board  and  Koryun Atoyan  for  evaluating  his activity. “I   love my team, I would  like to continue my work for the collective success”;  he  mentioned.

The  Head  of  the  Chair  of  Labor  Economics,  Doctor  in Economics, Professor, Martiros  Petrosyan,  joint  with  colleagues  of  the  Chair  and  Trade  Union  congratulated  Grigor  Terteryan, evaluated  his  past  way  and  the human figure.

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