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Today, ASUE  “Njdeh”  patriotic  club  initiated  a  screening  of “Unfired Cartridges”  film at ASUE  Big  Hall,  which  describes episodes  from Artsakh  War.

 A  student  of the Department of  Marketing  and  Business  Management, Anahit Baghramyan, told  Media and  Public  Relations  Division  that  such film screenings  were  necessary,  cause  the  young  people realize  and  evaluate  the  role  of  the  country  and  stay  in touch with  our   roots.

P.S. The  club  aims  to raise the level of students’  military  patriotic education, regularly organizes various events.

Film screening  will  be  continued.

ASUE  media  and Public  Relations  Division 

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