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Today, the  Prime  Minister  of  the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic,  Artsakh State  University  Board Chairman, Arayik Harutyunyan, as well as  Rector  of  the  same  University, Manush Minasyan, were  hosted  at  Armenian State  University  of  Economics.

ASUE  Rector, Professor, Koryun Atoyan, met  the guests and  accompanied  them  to University center  for  international projects,  “AMBERD” Research  Center,  the  guests  took a tour around ASUE  yard,  visited  the  auditorium  named  after  ASUE killed student-fighters.   After  the tour a  meeting  was  held with the  University Faculty  and  students at  ASUE  Big  Hall. Koryun Atoyan  welcomed  the  participants.

It’s  a  great  honor  to  host the  Head of  the  NKR Government, and  Artsakh  State  University  Board  Chairman,  Arayik  Harutyunyan, as well as the  Rector  of the  same  University Manush  Minasyan. ASUE  Rector  informed  that both the  Prime  Minister  of  the  NKR  and ASU Rector  had  graduated  from Yerevan Institute of National Economy.

Speaking about the  cooperation between  Artsakh State  University  and  Armenian State  University  of  Economics, referring  to  future projects,  Koryun Atoyan suggested  to  study  any  necessary problem for  economic development  of  Artsakh  in “AMBERD”  Research  Center.  The project would be funded by the University. The  suggestion was  warmly  accepted by  Arayik  Harutyunyan. Rector’s  speech  is  presented   HERE (Armenian version).

A  student  came  from Artsakh, studying  at  ASUE,  Anna  Sayilyan,  expressed  her  gratitude   to  the  Heads  of    two  republics  for  the opportunity of  free  study.  The  student  assured  that she’s  ready  to invest  the  knowledge  gained  at  ASUE  in Artsakh.

The  Prime  Minister  of  the  NKR, Arayik Harutyunyan, summarized the  meeting, and  outlined the  role  of  Armenian State  University  of  Economics  in sphere of  the  university  education, mentioning  that he  had  also  studied  at Yerevan Institute of National Economy.

The  Prime  Minister  remembered  his  lecturers,  evaluated the  years  of  his  study; stressing  that  the  university  gave  not  only  a  specialty  but also  important  life lessons.   Arayik Harutyunyan spoke  about Artsakh's economy, growth rates, ongoing projects.

“Today my  goal  is  to present Artsakh's economy: Artsakh today, Artsakh, tomorrow, as  people   consider  Artsakh  as an area, where military operations are taking place  or  as a tourism zone, but this is not so”;  mentioned  Arayik  Harutyunyan, stressing  that it’s  a  wrong perception  and  the  NKR  might  have a   significant role  not  only  in its  economic  development,  but  also in Armenia’s economy.

The  Prime  Minister  answered  the  questions  and  at  the  end  of  the  meeting  thanked  ASUE  Rector  for  hospitality  and  promised to  continue  such  meetings. At  the  end  of  the  meeting  ASUE  Rector  Koryun Atoyan  on behalf  of ASUE  Faculty  and  students  awarded  souvenirs  to  the  Prime  Minister  of  the  NKR  and  Rector  of  Artsakh State  University. 

Note, that a cooperation agreement  was  signed between  ASUE  and  Artsakh State  University on April 15, 2014.





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