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“Everybody  knows  Levon  Vardanyan,  His contribution to the development of the University  is  great. Levon Vardanyan  is an unique intellectual  person,  but  I  would  like to  speak about  His human type. It  is  a  great pleasure  to  be in Levon  Vardanyan’s  environment, to communicate, to work with Him, to know His high human qualities”; ASUE  Rector  Koryun Atoyan  presented  Levon Vardanyan, the  former  Rector of  Economic University /1984-1991/, the  former  Professor  of  the  Chair  of  Business  Management /now Commerce and Business Organization/ during today’s  Rectorate  Board’s  session. Setting off the  Professor  to  an earned  rest, Rector  of  the  University  express  great  gratitude, wished  Him  a long-year-life, health  and  expressed  hope, that  He would  stay next  to  the  University  with  His caring advice.  Koryun Atoyan awarded  gratitude  letter  to  Levon Vardanyan  for a  long-term research, teaching  and  management stainless job.

The  Professor expressed His appreciation to Koryun Atoyan  and  mentioned; “I am thankful for such treatment, I also want to thank You for all the work that You carry out. In a few years the University has changed a lot: the  environment, the classrooms… I spent my  summer vocation  with  my  family  in Dilijan “Tntesaget” sport-health  camp, considerable work had been done there  also. Thank You, goodbye everybody”.

After  this ceremony  the  Rectorate  Board  passed  to agenda  issues. The  Deans of  the  Departments  presented the results  of  the 2nd  retaken exams  of  the  2nd  semester  of  the 2013-2014 academic  year, reported  also  on  educational  process  of the 2014-2015  academic  year, mentioning that educational  process  had started  and everything  was  going on normally.

Rector  also  informed  that  the  Minister of  the  RA  Ministry  of  Defense Seyran Ohanyan would  be  hosted  at the  University  and commissioned  to organize  everything properly. He  also  informed  that opening of British Business  School  was planned to  be  held on September 24. A  visit  to  Arstakh State  University  is  also  planned,  which  will  be   conducted  within the  framework  of  cooperation  between  two  Universities.

“Improving  education quality is a priority”; said  Rector  and  mentioned  that the  suggestions  made  by  Deans  and Vice-rectors aimed  to improving education quality would  be  discussed soon  during  another  meeting.

Current  issues  were  also  discussed.

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