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Today, open lesson entitled “Public Relations (PR) in Organizations”  was  conducted  at ASUE  Conference   Hall,  which  was  organized  by  SC  Academic  Committee. The lesson  was  conducted  by Emma Sargsyan, founder, Executive Director  of  “SAGE”   consulting company,  who is  ASUE  alumni.  The seminar was based on the exchange of practical knowledge and innovative ideas.

Emma Sargsyan spoke  about  the  interconnection of PR (public relations)  and  advertising, as well as their  differences:  the  specialist  mentioned that people  usually confuse these two concepts,  but there  is a  great  difference  between them. They  spoke  about the  importance  of  public relations, differences of  internal  and  external  PR,   features  and  activities  of  the  organization.

PR  tools,  models  of  communication, interconnection of Mass  Media (how  to prepare and distribute press releases, how  to inspire confidence, etc.), the  role  of  social  media  in  PR  was  underlined.

The  lesson was  an interactive  one.

Annie  Karapetyan, Presidents  of ASUE SC Academic  Committee, student of  the Department of  Management , informed  that such  lessons  would  be  continued.

Note, that  students  were  interested  in the  lesson, as  more  than 8  dozen students of   different Departments were  present.

ASUE Media and Public Relations Division

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