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Department  of  Computer  Science  and  Statistics, Armenian State University  of Economics, met the  freshmen  and  students  in a festive  atmosphere.  After  congratulating  the  students  of 5  Departments  at  ASUE  yard,  ASUE  Rector  Koryun Atoyan went  to  Department  of  Computer  Science  and  Statistics in Kanaker-Zeytun to  welcome  the  students.

ASUE  Rector, Vice-rector  of  Educational  Matters, Mihrdat  Harutyunyan,  Dean of  the  Department Manuk  Movsisyan  and   Head of the  Chair  of  Economic  Computer  Science  and  Information  Systems, Vardan Sargsyan,  congratulated  and  welcomed the  students.

“After familiarizing the  University, You’ll realize that You  have  made the right choice.  You  will  pass the  best years of Your life  in  our  University,  You’ll  have  an  opportunity  to  gain  knowledge  and enjoy  Your   careless  life,   of  course, everything should be balanced so that one does not disturb  the  other one”;  mentioned  Koryun Atoyan, wishing the  students  happy and bright future.

Here  is  the  Rector’s  speech: http://media.asue.am/upload/rektori_yeluitner/Rector_September_1_2014_Eng.pdf.

Vice-rector  of  Educational Matters, Mihrdat  Harutyunyan, also  congratulated the  students  and  their  parents. “A large part of your success depends on you,  because the  University will do its  best  for  Your career.  We are concerned that You become highly qualified specialists”;  said  the  Vice-rector.

“Your  life  changes  since  today.  Coming  years  will  be  special  for  You, these  years  will smooth the path of your life.  You have  chosen  one  of  the  best  Universities  in the  Republic,  we  prepare  good  specialist, who  are  demanded for  our  State”; said  Head of  the  Chair  of  Economic  Computer  Science  and  Information  Systems, Vardan Sargsyan.

The  Dean of  the  Department, Manuk  Movsisyan,  also  congratulated  the  students  and their  parents  and  wished  them good  luck. After  the  meeting  the  Dean  led   students  to  their  auditoriums. 


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