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Armenian State  University of  Economics is  ready  to  meet  its   students,  including 1st  year ones.

We  would  like  to  inform  that the  Rectorate  Board, Dean Offices, Faculty  staff will  meet the 1st  year  students  in ASUE  yard on September 1, 2014, at 9:00 /Nalbandyan 128/, after greetings and congratulations  Deans  of  the  Departments  and  Heads  of  the  Chairs  will accompany the  freshmen to  their auditoriums. The  Department  of  Computer Science and Statistics  will  meet its  students  on September 1, 2014, at 9:00 /Kanaker-Zeytun, Paruyr Sevak, 77/. Vice-rector  on  Educational Matters, Mihrdat  Harutyunyan,  informed  about  it  and mentioned  that lessons  of  full-time  Bachelor’s  and  Master’s Degree studies will  be  conducted respectively  at 9:30  and  14:05.

At the  beginning of  a  new  academic  year  students  from  regions  and  foreign  students  have accommodation problem. We  are  glad  to  inform that student  dormitory of Armenian State University  of  Economics  is  situated  in Nor  Nork, 2nd district, N. Stepanyan, 1. Those, who are  interested  in,  should  apply to ASUE Secretariat.

Vice-rector  Mihrdat  Harutyunyan  also  informs  that the 2nd stage of retaken exams will  start on September 3.

Here  is  the  schedule:

Full-time Bachelor’s Degree- September 3-10, 2014,

Part-time Bachelor’s, full-time and  part-time Master’s  Degree-September 8-16, 2014.

Welcome  to  a  new academic  year.

ASUE  Media  and Public  Relations  Division

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