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Dear  ASUE  members,  users  of  ASUE  official  website  and  ASUE official Facebook   page,

today  is  the  last working  day  of ASUE  Media  and Public  Relations  Division.

Summing up the work of another year,  we bring the aggregate  of  doing and done  work, outline future plans  and   get ready  to    undertake our working activities with  new  energy  and goals.

P.S. Here  is  the  schedule  of  vacation  of  ASUE  staff:

1.Faculty (including Heads of  the  Chairs)-10.07.2014-27.08.2014

2.Heads  of Divisions (including Deans  of the  Departments)- 14.07.2014-15.08.2014

3.Collaborators  of  Divisions  (including   staff of  the  Departments  and  Chairs)- 21.07.201-15.08.2014

Note, that  according to  the RA Government  decree August 18, 2014,  is  a  non-working day, instead August 23, 2014, is  a working  day.

ASUE  Media  and Public  Relations  Division 

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