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Dear alumni  of  Armenian State  University of  Economics,

education is  a  national  value  for  social awareness  and  public policy  and     an important factor  for socio-economic progress.

The  ultimate  goal of  education field  is to  improve  the  quality  of  education,   which, to the  benefit of  the rising generation, undergoes reforms, construction, and reconstruction  day  by  day.

On June 9, 2014,  Serzh  Sargsyan  the  President  of  the  Republic of  Armenia   has  signed  law changes  and  additions to  law of  the  Republic  of  Armenia  on  Education  and  on  Higher  and  Postgraduate Professional  Education,  which  create  sustainable social guarantees  and access to higher education  for  students.

In the  context  of   educational  reforms  our  University  also  runs through its  own  establishment  way of  preparing highly  qualified specialists  due  to  which Armenian economic thought  of  our times  will  reach a  new  level  and  native economy  will  develop.

As  you  know, our  University  alumni  have   replenished various  economic sectors  in our  Republic for  decades  and  contributed  to development of  our  country. 

Many  of  them have contributed their talent and knowledge to economic development, creating  new  generation of  pedagogues.

You will have  many problems  and difficulties in future. However, I am sure,  dear  alumni,  learning achievements of these years will be an integral  part  of  you, will  inspire confidence, as  You  have gained  sustainable and competitive knowledge, comprehensive outlook. Our  University  prepares not only highly  qualified  specialists,  but  also creates progressive culture  of civil society  and  individuals with national  values.

Wish  You  all  the  best. Good luck.


ASUE  Rector, Professor

Koryun Atoyan