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Year-end  presentation of  2  research  groups  of  Master’s  Degree students  was  held  at  “AMBERD”  Research  Center  today,  which  was attended  by Rector  Koryun Atoyan, Vice-rector  of  Science  and  International  Relations Gagik  Vardanyan, the  staff  of  “AMBERD”  headed  by the  Director  Samvel  Avetisyan.  Note, that facilitator  of  these  2  research  groups  is the  Director  of  “National  Security Research”  program, Candidate  of  Economics Vardan Atoyan.

Director  of  Research  Center  welcomed  the  participants,  presented  2  research topics  and  then  the  students spoke.

The  1st group: Ruzanna Tadevosyan, Roza  Budaghyan,  Lilit  Azaryan,  presented the  research entitled “Research on Activity of Leading Foreign University Affiliated "think tanks" and the best Localization Opportunities in RA”.  Young  researchers  presented  their  survey  and the best localization opportunities in our  University.

The 2nd  group: Shushan Movsisyan, Karapet  Kievyan, Edgar  Tagharyan, presented research  entitled “Economic security issues of Armenia in regional development context”,the  main goals  of  the  survey  and  problems, research  directions.

After   each  presentation questions  were  raised  and  discussion  was  held.  Rector  Koryun Atoyan  invited  the  students  to  a  frank  discussion,  offering  to discuss the problems  which  were    connected with  the  research: the  1st  one-improving the quality of education, the 2nd one- economic  development  in case  of  closed boundaries.  Vice-rector  Gagik  Vardanyan, Director  of  the  Center  Samvel  Avetisyan  made  statements.

At  the  end  of  the presentation  Koryun Atoyan congratulated the  students and  wished them fruitful work,  then  awarded  certificates   for   the  conducted  research, many  of  them  got   monographs  of  “AMBERD”.

“Interesting  surveys   have  been  conducted, participation  of students  in  research activities  is   welcomed.  I hope  that  the  students’ participation will  be  continued”; said  Rector.

In the  interview  with ASUE  Media  and  Public  Relations  Division   Vardan Atoyan mentioned  that 2  research  topics  were  very interesting. “Especially,   “Research on Activity of Leading Foreign University Affiliated "think tanks" and the best Localization Opportunities in RA”,  which  directly  refers  to   our  University:   the  recommendation presented  by the  students will  be  developed  and we’ll   do  our  best to  find mechanisms  to  fulfill them. The  next  topic  is  also  important: it’s  global,  modern.

The  Master’s  Degree  students  presented  their  proposals,  which  means  that  they  have  conducted  extensive  survey.    Research  enabled  our  students  to develop research skills,  gain knowledge  and manifest themselves”; outlined  the  group  facilitator, Director  of  “National  Security Research” program  Vardan Atoyan.

At  the  end  of  the  measure the  participants tasted  a   cake  with “AMBERD” Research  Center  logo.

We  congratulate  our colleagues, as well as  young  researchers,  wish them  future  success.





ASUE  Media  and Public  Relations  Division 

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