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Dear  followers,

ASUE official Facebook   page  “Likes” crossed the 10,000  threshold.  ASUE  Media  and Public Relations  Division has  prepared unique surprise for the 10.000   like.

This  year’s graduate  of    full-time  Bachelor’s  Degree,  Environmental Economics,  Nairi  Israelyan  became  the 10.000th  follower  of our official  Facebook page. Today, Rector  Koryun Atoyan  hosted him in his   office  and  handed  a  gift package.

“I  congratulate  you on this  occasion. We  are  glad that the  number of  users of our  University  website, official Facebook page  is  increasing  day by day, which is an indication of the public's confidence towards us”; said  the  University’s  Rector. 

Koryun Atoyan wondered about  Nairi  Israelyan’s  future plans,  whether our  graduate were  willing to  continue Master’s  Degree  education at ASUE. Nairi  mentioned  that  he  graduated Bachelor’s Degree with positive impressions  and  expressed  hope  that   the  own  University would  develop  in  future  and would  become  a  better  one.  The  Rector   wished him success and  urged  to him to  continue to maintain a close relationship with the University: in any format  of  cooperation.

Dear  followers,

 note  that  official Facebook page  of  Armenian  State  University  of  Economics was  created  on November 11, 2011, in the  context  of  reforms  under “We  are  changing”  slogan. The  University  Administration  greatly  highlights University-student-lecturer relationship,   development  of  public  relations.

The  necessary information about  our  University  has  been  delivered  to our  readers  due  to everyday conscientious, dedicated, objective, principled and responsible work  of  the  collaborators  of  ASUE  Media  and  Public  Relations  Division Anie Avetisyan, Armine Vardanyan, Nane  Avanesyan  and Razmik Khachatryan.

Dear  followers,

we      express  our  gratitude  for  Your  trust  and  assessment of our  work.  I  would  like  to assure  that the  University  Administration greatly  highlights the  work  aimed  at developing public  relations, honest, transparent and accountable work  with stakeholders  and public.

ASUE  official  website  is  operated  for implementing   these goals   and   has   gained high  ranking:   official Facebook page,  “Tntesaget”  magazine  greatly  highlight  work  with  mass  media, the  result  of  which  is  registered  under “Media” sector,  ASUE  official  website (asue.am).

We  hope  that  our  work  towards  the  mentioned  direction will  satisfy You,  as we  do  our  best.


Head of ASUE  Media and Public  Relations  Division,

Chief  editor  of “Tntesaget” magazine

Gohar  Gevorgyan


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